Pug Puppies for Sale in Scotland

With his expressive dark eyes, wrinkly face and squashed, flat muzzle, the Pug is one of the most inquisitive, characterful little dogs packed into a short, squat little body. And let’s not forget his pig-like curly tail!

Compact, robust and well-proportioned , the Pug has a square little chest and holds its necks slightly arched, which gives him a comical yet, rather posh appearance.

The Pug is a clever dog with a mischievous side and this makes him one of the most popular breeds to own. He does actually have a history of spending life with Royal families from Chinese Emperors, while the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Prince Edward and his wife, Wallis Simpson, were also photographed in 1956 with their two pugs.

Pugs have a rather glamorous reputation and have been owned by many a Hollywood celebrity from Jessica Alba to Gerard Butler!

Many Pugs have also had starring roles on TV and the silver screen from Dot Cotton’s ‘Willy The Pug’ - and who can forget the Pug ‘Frank’ AKA ‘Agent F’ in Men In Black!

Pug Puppies for Sale Pug Dogs for Sale


The Pug is a fun-loving dog with an outsize personality! He’s a lovable fellow who loves his pack and that’s what makes him a good family dog. The Pug is good with most people including children and other pets, though he needs to be trained from puppyhood to know who’s boss as he could become a bit wilful if he thinks he is the alpha dog. Socialisation is also very important with family members and any other pets and dogs in public areas right from the beginning.

The Pug with his mischievous and distractive nature can get a bit bored with repetitive training commands and this can make training a Pug a bit time consuming. A bit of play combined with firm commands, treats and continuous praise are the best way to go with this little dog, who is actually very eager to please.

House training can take bit longer with the Pug as it’s thought that this breed doesn’t develop full control of its bladder until six months old.

When they’re not lazing around, which is a favourite past-time, the Pug is animated and playful - often he plays the little clown while seeking his owner’s attention. Some owners would say having a Pug is just like having a small child around as he constantly craves their attention. He’s like a little shadow - though this means that he also heaps devotion onto the ones he loves. It also means that this little guy doesn’t like being left on his own and this is something to consider; if you have the time and commitment to give to a Pug if you’re looking for a Pug puppy in Scotland.

More of an indoor rather than an outdoor dog, the Pug for all his sturdy appearance, can’t withstand cold temperatures, but as long as he has a coat or a sweater he should do just fine so long as he’s not kept out too long! Likewise, he can’t be out in the sun for too long either.

Since he’s loves his snooze and cuddle time, this also makes the Pug a perfect companion for those who live in small apartments and for the elderly.

Description of the Pug

The Pug has been in Europe since the 16th century, but this breed is a thought to have been in Ancient China dating back to 700 BC, where they were bred as Emperor’ dogs and common people were not allowed to own one.

Treated with the same status as the Emperor’s wives, the Pug had his own royal quarters and ate only the best of food! They are thought to have been popular with nobility in the UK in the 17th century and became the dog of Dutch royalty at the same time.

In 1860 a new type of pug was imported with shorter noses and shorter legs and these were an instant hit with Queen Victoria.

Today, the Pug is among the most popular breeds in the world due to its small size and sweet nature and they are known to follow their owners everywhere they go.

These little dogs like to be part of the action and they have their own ideas when it comes to frolicking around; many will play hide and seek in the garden and even with themselves in the mirror! They’re happy little characters to have around.

With his big expressive eyes, black markings on his wrinkly face and cutesy velvet ears, the Pug has a smooth and fine coat. Acceptable Kennel Club breed standard colours for the Pug are silver, apricot, fawn and black. The Pug will also have a dark black line down their backs.

Pugs stand at a height of between 24cm-36cm and they weigh in at between 6-8kgs.


If you’re looking for a Pug puppy for sale in Scotland, it’s worth knowing that the Pug can live between 12-14 years. It’s a fair commitment to a funny little friend, but know that he will be at your side wherever you go!


The Pug has short bursts of energy and needs to be exercised, but he doesn’t need a huge expanse of area to do this and would happily romp around a small back garden. A mature Pug should have around two twenty minute walks each day to keep his figure in check!


The Pug can shed quite a lot and it’s important to groom him daily to keep his skin and coat in tip-top condition. The Pug will love this as he loves any one-to-one attention. Another tip for a potential Pug owner is that unneuterered female Pugs can shed profusely when they come into season.

Pugs will need bathed now and again with a gentle shampoo and this is best done in the summer months so the dog won’t catch a chill.


The Pug likes to eat and owners should aim to stick to two meals per day for the Pug. Owners need to keep an eye on the Pug’s diet to avoid their dog getting overweight and keep in mind that treats should make up only 20% of their dog’s diet. Otherwise the little Pug can turn into a little piglet and this can make walking uncomfortable and shorten his life dramatically. The Pug must also have access to drinking water at all times.

Cost of Keeping a Pug

Those looking for a Pug puppy in Scotland, should know that the average price to buy a Pug puppy ranges between £500 to £1500. It costs on average between around £60 to £80 per month to keep a Pug in your life. This includes all food, pet insurance, grooming, vaccinations and neutering.

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