Puppies for Sale Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh

Puppies for Sale in Scotland

If you're searching for puppies for sale in Scotland then PetsYouLove is the number one website for all breeds and types. Here you can simply select the breed you are looking for, enter your postcode then let PetsYouLove do the work for you!

If on the other hand there are no puppies available for the breed you are searching for, then simply select the breed and your email address in our 'Alert' box and PetsYouLove will notify you as soon as a breeder posts your puppy choice for sale in Scotland, or even a little further afield.

At PetsYouLove we are all dog and puppy lovers too (that's why we started PetsYouLove). All members of our team can relate to what's involved when you first go to see your puppy, to taking home your new family member home and what's involved as they go through their different stages in life. 

To help new puppy owners in Scotland be aware of what's involved in owning a puppy we've created a simple guide which covers choosing your new puppy to what costs are involved (vet bills, grooming costs etc.)...

What’s important is being able to find the right puppy for you; your lifestyle, your family environment and your home so that you can be sure that your dog will become your best friend.

Below are some honest questions you should ask yourself when thinking about buying a dog to ensure the best start in life for a beautiful relationship with a furry friend.

Puppies for Sale in Scotland Puppies for Sale in Scotland

Who will be responsible for the dog?

If you’re looking for a puppy in Scotland on PetsYouLove, consider what will happen when you go out to work. Or, is there someone who works from home? If not, is there a reliable dog walker you could employ when you’re out?

These questions will determine whether it would be fair to keep a dog at all. Dogs need companionship and get lonely just like humans do, however, you could employ a dog walker or engage an enthusiastic (dog-loving) relative to visit your pet and take him out at regular intervals to supplement your love.

Are you prepared to take the time to train your dog and exercise your pet?

To get the most out of your relationship with your puppy you will want to be the person who trains your dog. Training your pup in basic recall to ensure he comes back when off leash in the park is just one of the commands you will need to teach from a very young age, however, this will help you to bond with your dog. As pack animals, dogs naturally look for a leader and training your pet will help him bond with you. Taking time to train him will teach new skills, keep your dog intellectually sound and prevent boredom in puppies who left to their own devices might chew the furniture or shoes instead. Training your dog earns you respect and ensures your love is reciprocated.

Where do you live?

Do you live in a flat or a house? How big is it? Do you have access to a garden? Is there a park nearby?

If you’re looking for a puppy in Scotland on PetsYouLove all of this will determine what sort of breed of dog might be suitable. A small apartment might not be the best place for a large dog with boundless energy that needs plenty of exercise. Whereas a small dog might be perfect for a small flat. Likewise, consider the housework required; a large dog who sheds lots of hair will require much more maintenance in the home, rather than a small dog breed that doesn’t shed. Some breeds are more work than others when it comes to exercise and cleaning the dog and your home, but they’re no less lovable, providing you’re prepared to put the work in.

If you’re looking for a puppy in Scotland on PetsYouLove, do you know how much it might cost to own a puppy and adult dog?

Expenses for owning a dog can amount to a lot of money and it’s not just the initial outlay to buy the puppy that’s involved. When thinking about buying a puppy, consider that dogs can live up to fifteen years! A recent estimate by the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals quoted the cost of keeping a dog through its lifetime to be between £16,000 and £31,000!

Dogs require insurance against illness and injury, not to mention daily feeding and grooming costs (consider that a basic groom which might need done every three months costs around £25- £45), micro-chipping, worming and flea treatments, toy and treats. There isn’t any doubt that dogs become another member of the family; they’re loyal and loving and these expenses are necessities in treating your pet with love and respect.

Who would you buy your puppy from?

Once you decide you can responsibly cope with another member of the family in the house including being able to afford a dog over its lifetime and you’re happy to afford the time to train and exercise your dog, insure and, microchip what is essentially a new companion requiring lots of love and attention for the rest of its life, the most important question to ask is where you should buy a dog from?

Responsible dog owners buy from responsible breeders. When buying a puppy you should always research the owner thoroughly. If there are friends and family who have a particular dog that you love, ask where they got the dog from, what research did they uncover in finding their perfect pet. Pick the brains of people in the know, speak to your local vet for breeder advice.

The Kennel Club is a good place to start it you want to find a certain breed of dog and registered breeders, however, no matter whether you choose a pedigree pup or a cross-breed, you should always visit your puppy at the place where it has been born and always ask to see the mother. It’s preferable to visit more than once to ensure that the puppy you’ve picked is right for you.

Be aware that there are many rogue puppy farms which make lots of money out of dealing with innocent people who want to buy a furry bundle for the family unaware that these puppies are already ill and suffering from being taken from their mothers too soon. It’s best to avoid buying these puppies because they can come with a lifetime of illness and ultimately cause heartbreak instead of joy. People will often say that they bought one of these puppies to save it from the terrible conditions it was reared in, however, buying from these puppy farms simply perpetuates their existence and keeps these rogue traders in business. It can also mean a lifetime of vet bills for the owners.

Never buy from a puppy farm and never agreed to taking a puppy that’s come a long way off of a ferry, where you can’t meet or see the owner and puppy’s mother.

Never agree to meeting someone to buy a puppy at a halfway point or by the roadside.

Top tips for buying a puppy in Scotland with PetsYouLove:

You must visit the puppy’s home to see where it has been reared. Pups taken from their mothers too soon can suffer from attachment problems, nervous dispositions and be predisposed to infections since they haven’t been fed by the mother long enough to boost their immune systems. These dogs can display a catalogue of problems that last a lifetime, so it’s wise to do your research first and buy from a responsible breeder.

When you find a reputable breeder and get to pick from a litter, choose the right dog for you. If you’ve got children, it’s probably best not to pick for the shyest puppy in the pack; he’s nervous and might not want to be constantly lifted with little hands, best to opt for the cheeky, interactive one instead!

Finally, if you’re meeting with the breeder and the pups, look to see if the mother is a healthy dog and look out for problems in puppies like red eyes, pooey bottoms, limping, and visible ribs.

Go prepared with a list of questions to ask the breeder about the parentage of the pups, and the puppies’ health.

And ask for certificates of screening, vaccinations and of microchipping if this has been done.

Remember that a health puppy is a happy puppy with fewer vet bills!

We hope to find your perfect puppy in Scotland on PetsYouLove!

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