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Dogs for Sale Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh

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Dogs for Sale in Scotland

If you’re looking for a dog for sale in Scotland look no further. Simply type in your postcode and let PetsYouLove find the right dog for you.

Whether you’d prefer a pure-bred puppy, a crossbreed or would like to rescue an older dog in your area, PetsYouLove can help find the perfect pet.

But before you commit to bringing a dog home, ask yourself some questions regarding your home and your lifestyle.

Do you own a house with a garden or do you live in an apartment?

This will determine the size of animal that might be most appropriate and the kind of dog that would be suitable for your home.

If you’re looking for a dog for sale in Scotland, you should first research different breeds to find out their size and temperament. Do you have children, other pets? Would the breed that you fancy bringing home get on with them?

Large dogs will require more cleaning of the dog (and your home!) and more exercise, whereas smaller dogs need less exercise and might be more suited to living in a flat.

Who will be responsible for the dog? Do you work from home? Would you be out at work for most of the day?

Dogs get lonely just like humans do and if you’re out at work all day, they can fret, whine and howl and worst still, chew-up valuable furnishings and belongings simply because they’re bored.

Find out if there’s a local dog walker in the area that you could rely on or a close ‘dog-loving’ relative that would be willing to visit and take the dog out while you’re at work.

Dogs for Sale in Scotland Dogs for Sale in Scotland

Are you prepared to train and exercise your dog?

This takes time and effort not only to toilet train but to have a well-behaved and obedient pet. Training your dog also earns you love and respect from your furry friend.

Dogs naturally look for a pack leader and they love someone to teach them new tricks. One of the most important command a dog should learn is recall to ensure he come back to you when off running in the park. This is a command that should be taught from a very young age starting from a short distance in the home.

Do you know how much it costs to keep a dog over its lifetime?

If you’re looking for a dog for sale in Scotland, it’s worth considering that a dog can live up to fifteen years, so it’s important to investigate costs for pet insurance, food, toys and treats before you commit to getting a pet. The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals recently quoted the cost of keeping a dog over its lifetime at between 16,000 and 31,000. This is a considerable commitment!

Perhaps you’re considering getting an older dog instead of a puppy. Rescuing an older dog can mean getting a pet that comes house-trained and doesn’t need long walks, preferring instead to potter around the garden and go on shorter walks.

Dog rescue centres such as the Dogs Trust have many furry friends waiting to be adopted. While many of these animals could come with abandonment issues, many of these guys and gals find themselves there simply due to a breakdown in the family home or a death in the family. These dogs are looking to be loved by new responsible owners. Though young-at-heart and playful, their old bones need the comfort of carpet and to be patted by a loved-one rather than sitting on cold concrete in a rescue centre.

Rescuing a dog can also mean owning a pet for a shorter time-frame with many older dogs happy to snooze by the radiator with a couple of short walks a day as opposed to the full-on energetic commitment that comes with owning a puppy.

The choice is yours! If you’re looking for a dog for sale on PetsYouLove, simply type in your postcode and we’ll alert you as soon as a litter or suitable rescue dog becomes available in your area.

So who should you buy your dog from?

A responsible buyer should always buy from a responsible breeder. You must do your research before committing to buy a dog.

The Kennel Club is a good place to begin if you want a particular breed and to find out about registered breeders, however, a local vet could also offer advice. It’s also a good idea to ask friends and family who own dogs that you love about their experiences that could help you in your search for the perfect pup.

If you’re looking for an older dog for sale or adoption in Scotland, consider the rescue centres first and have a list of questions to ask as much about the history of the animal as possible.

Never buy from a puppy farm and if anyone offers to meet you halfway between destinations, always refuse. You should always, always go to visit a puppy in the environment where it has been bred, in the owner’s home and where you can see the mother.

Ask to be able to see for yourself that the mother is healthy and remember that healthy puppies should be happy and sociable. They should not have any limps, sore patches, pooey bottoms, runny eyes or runny noses.

Never take a puppy away from its mother before the 12-week mark. Puppies can be weaned earlier, but it’s important for the puppy to stay around its mother as a role model adult and its siblings too, as this helps them to socialise and decode other doggy behaviour. All of this stands them in good stead for the future.

Finally, when meeting the breeder, go with a list of questions to ask about the litter and the puppies health; ask if they have been wormed and for certificates of screening, vaccinations. It’s also a good idea to check if microchipping has been done, although you can organise this yourself.

Good luck with finding a puppy for sale in Scotland with PetsYouLove!

Looking for a Dog Breeds?

If you are looking to buy or adopt a Dog Breeds, you can view our:
If you're searching for puppies for sale in Scotland then, read more ...
Puppies for Sale Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh
If you're searching for puppies for sale in Scotland then, read more ...
If you’re looking for a dog for sale in Scotland look no further. Simply, read more ...
If you’re looking for a dog for sale in Scotland look no further. Simply, read more ...

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