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Pug Temperament

Pugs are a happy-go-lucky and fun-loving breed. Cute and comically expressive; they have an outsize personality within a small little package. They are a sturdy and strong breed with a love for family and a true zest for life. They are sometimes referred to as “shadows” because of their propensity to follow their loved ones closely and stay close to the action.

Their temperaments, as with most breeds, vary, however, the core temperament and personality traits of Pugs are generally that they are affectionate and friendly, with a genuine outgoing nature, a love for humans, and a strong desire to be close to their human family members.

They tend to be watchful and alert, relatively territorial but non-aggressive, and love nap-time! When they’re not napping, they’re trying to get into the action and looking for a treat or two!

Versatile Pups

Pugs can live in homes of all sizes, including apartments. They get along well with other pets, are great with children, and fantastic with single adults – this is what makes them especially good companions for the elderly. They tend to be very well behaved with little difficulty in training. Their unique facial expressions make them all the more cute – especially when just woken from a nap!

Pug Temperament Pug personality

They are loyal to their families and make excellent pets for people who live alone, to whom they can give unlimited love and affection.

Adaptable Companions

Pugs are excellent social dogs, although they were not bred as such. They are not suspicious or yappy, but, unfortunately, without proper training, their barking can get out of hand.

Training must include lessons on obeying commands to keep barking to a minimum, however, the Pug is not the yappiest of the small breeds by any stretch, and truly loves making new friends. They will think any visitors are there to see them, and will, to your delight, entertain your guests to the max! Let guests interact with the little fellow by giving him a treat or a belly rub, or give them a squeaky toy for him to show off with.

Alone with family, Pugs will tend to be more laid-back or active, mimicking their owners’ own lifestyle, so that they can live alongside you to your own liking. They love to be around you and spend time with their family, and will do their best to do what you are doing at your energy level.

They Just Want Love

The tiny Pug comes with a mighty personality; he craves your attention and needs lots of love and care. Before bringing a Pug into your home, ensure that you have lots of time and love to give to this sweet, gentle dog, as he will return the affection with his loving nature and often hilarious comedy moments!

Pugs were bred to be companion dogs; when you come home, he will be loyally waiting and wagging his tail. Equally, he will settle down for a cuddle in your lap for some quiet time!

They Also Like to Play

Although they don’t need a ton of exercise with their lazy nature, the Pug loves to play. They love to run or roll around in the grass on warm Summer afternoons and will delight in playing a game of hide-and-seek indoors.

Without being taken for lots of walks, these little devils wolud follow you around all day. They are known entertainers and will engage in lots of comical tricks and activities to elicit a laugh from an audience. Any game you play will be a blast for your Pug!

A quick walk around the block or a few minutes at the park will suffice. They much prefer to romp around inside the house with you. Try to ensure that the Pug does not do a lot of jumping down from high sofas, chairs, or tables, during play, as this may increase their susceptibility to joint damage.

Training Is No Easy Task

Since Pugs are stubborn, independent and smart enough to get bored quickly with repetitive exercises, they are not always the easiest to train. With their silly, distracting antics added to the mix, training a Pug may seem downright impossible at times.

Thankfully, Pugs are exceptionally eager to please their owners, and owners who are consistent and patient can usually train their Pugs to exhibit the desired response to his or her prompts. Heaping praise upon them can also help tremendously, since they thrive on attention from their owners. It is also very important that owners do not inadvertently praise behaviours that, while cute, are not the point of the training exercise.

This breed is very food-motivated, so using treats as rewards may provide some additional motivation for dogs that are especially strong-willed. Working with Pugs during the first six months of their lives is crucial where training is concerned, as it is much more difficult to change a dog’s behaviour after this point.

Some owners express concern about how long it takes to house-train Pugs, but puppies of this breed do not develop the muscle strength to control their bowels and bladder completely until they are around 6-months-old. As with other commands and skills, Pugs learn to house-train with plenty of positive reinforcement in the form of treats and praise.

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PetsYouLove is the perfect place to find Pug for sale in Scotland, read more ....
PetsYouLove is the perfect place to find Pug for sale in Scotland, read more ....
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PetsYouLove is the perfect place to find Pug for sale in Scotland, read more ....
With his expressive dark eyes, wrinkly face and squashed, flat muzzle, the, read more ...
With his expressive dark eyes, wrinkly face and squashed, flat muzzle, the, read more ...

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