Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale in Scotland

If you’re looking for a Standard Poodle puppy for sale in Scotland, chances are you’ve been brought up with one in the family and know the breed. If not, you have a lot to learn before making a commitment to one of these big dogs, who just love to be part of the family!

The Standard Poodle can be traced back as far as the 15th century in Germany, when he was bred as a water-retriever, but it was the French who went on to develop the breed we know and love today. And loved he is in many homes around the world!

The Standard Poodle is infact, the eldest of all three poodle breeds with the Toy and Miniature Poodles being developed at a much later date.


Behind the impressive bouffant hairdo, the Standard Poodles is known for being a really intelligent, clever dog. He’s a biddable breed that loves to please his owners. This makes him easy to train and he’s always keen to learn new things. The Standard Poodle is a great companion dog and he loves nothing better than being outdoors with his family.

Standard Poodle Dogs for Sale Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale

Although eager to please, the Standard Poodle still needs an alpha-owner who he can look to for leadership and guidance otherwise he could begin to show some unruly dominant behaviours to try to be ‘top of the pack’, and this would need to be nipped in the bud to show the dog that his place is beneath all humans.

That said, this big guy is highly attuned and sensitive; he needs to be handled in a firm but gentle manner, and spoken to in the correct tone of voice because he would not respond well to harsh handling one bit. This kind of handling would promote the neurotic stereotypical nature of the poodle, however, the Standard Poodle just needs to be handled properly to make him a well-rounded, relaxed and very obedient dog.

This breed of dog was once used to perform in the circus because of his aptitude for learning tricks, keen hearing and almost telepathic ability to predict his owner’s next move. These traits stick with him today; he loves nothing better than being in his human’s company and learning new tricks!

Early training and socialisation is important when training the Standard Poodle to get him as used to as many people and other animals that he may have in his life and to ensure a smooth transition into family living.

He will make a good guard dog and alert his owners to any trespassers who make it past the front gate, however, once he recognises that his family are welcoming new guests, he will soon settle down and befriend them.

This big dog gets on with children and is very tolerant of them, though his large size means that he might not be the best dog to have around small kids, who could easily be knocked over in his excitement!

The Standard Poodle may not be the best choice for a first-time owner – purely because he needs a strong leader, familiar with training this kind of dog – who needs the right attention to create good rather than bad habits – both of which he will pick-up just as quickly!

He also excels in all agility and obedience sports and just loves being involved in them with his owner!

Description of the Standard Poodle

The Standard Poodle is also known by the names Caniche and Barbon. He is a definite show-ring favourite for his stylish and elegant looks. Slender, tall and elegant with his pouffy, curly hair, the Standard Poodle has a proud appearance that is almost stand-offish, however, this look belies his friendly nature because he really is an affectionate, family dog. Once sure of his owner’s trust in an unfamiliar face, the Standard Poodle will soon greet the ‘new guy’ like just another friend!

Tall and well-proportioned, the Standard Poodle has a long neck and carries his head high. He has a slim muzzle with a moderate stop and a nose that is either black or proportional in colour to his coat (i.e. chocolate, liver,etc.) He also has a chiselled forehead and ears which hang low and closely bob the side of his head. His eyes are dark and almond shaped, while he has a, strong jaw and perfect scissor bite.

The Standard Poodle physique comprises; laid-back shoulders and a deep wide chest, with a slightly curved back. Front legs are straight and muscular, while hindquarters are equally strong. The Standard Poodle’s tail is thicker at the base and the dog carries this straight and away from the body in a graceful manner.

The Standard Poodle has a curly dense coat that is quite coarse to the touch. A solid coat in the colours of apricot, white, black, cream, blue, red, silver or brown meet accepted Kennel Club standards for showing the Standard Poodle.

The Standard Poodle stands at a height of around 38 cm tall and weighs in at between 21 to 35kg - depending on whether it’s a male or female.


If you’re interested in keeping a Standard Poodle in your life, know that a lifelong commitment to this breed could last 12 – 13 years.


Those looking for a Standard Poodle in Scotland should be aware that he needs at least an hour’s exercise every day! He also needs a good amount mental stimulation through play and consistent obedience training as otherwise the Standard Poodle can become bored and display unwanted behaviours just trying to keep himself entertained and busy.

Standard Poodles have a curious nature and can get up to mischief digging and exploring so a high fenced garden with the fence buried well below the soil is a must for keeping this big guy contained, otherwise he may dig his way out!

He loves obedience and agility training and loves the one-toone attention this gets him with his owner.


Standard Poodles are high maintenance in the grooming department and owners will need to book in time to groom their Standard Poodle at least twice per week. Ideally, this kind of dog should also go to a professional groomer every six-to-eight weeks to keep his coat and skin in peak condition. The good news is that Poodles do not shed.

A professional groomer will also pluck the hair from the Standard Poodle’s ears to help keep moisture levels to a minimum as this helps the air to circulate better and helps to avoid ear infections.

Teeth brushing is a good idea for the Poodle to keep tartar at a minimum and to avoid bad dog-breath and he will need his nails trimmed regularly too.


The Standard Poodle should be fed on high quality wet or dry food twice per day with fresh drinking water always available.

Cost of Keeping a Standard Poodle

If you’re looking to buy a Standard Poodle puppy in Scotland, it will cost between £500 and £900 for a well-bred pup. Do your homework on breeders before committing to buy and be sure that you are able to share your the time to train this kind of dog before making this lifelong decision! Always ask to visit the breeder in the place of the dog’s birth before buying a puppy and check that the mother and all of her litter looks healthy. Ask for evidence of veterinary jags and any treatment since the birth too.

Sharing your life with a Standard Poodle will cost between £80 and £120 per month. This will include the dog’s food, insurance, initial vaccinations and neutering your dog.

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