Cats & Kittens for Sale in Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh

Cats & Kittens for Sale in Scotland

Pets360 is the perfect place to find cats for sale in Scotland. Our small team of animal lovers are primed to help you find your perfect pet, whether you’re looking for a kitten or an adult cat.

Simply type in your postcode and PetsYouLove will find cats from responsible breeders and rescue centres in your area. Below are some top tips when considering introducing a new feline friend into your home.

Just like humans, cats come in all shapes and sizes with different personalities too; they can be playful and energetic and lazy lovers of cat naps too!

Commitment is a key word in cat ownership because just like owning a dog, a cat is for life not just for Christmas! Cats can live for around 14-15 years, and so make lifelong and faithful friends who will love you back if treated with care and respect.

Many rescue centres are full of kittens waiting to be adopted by careful owners and the love of a little cat being given a second chance can be all the more joyful, so it’s worth checking out rescue centres as well as breeders online for your perfect pet.

If you’d prefer to find a purebred kitten for sale in Scotland with PetsYouLove, be sure to research the breed and check for any health problems that purebred cats can be prone to. Once you know that you’re fully committed and able to look after a cat, choose a breeder carefully to ensure these kittens have been well looked after, reared well to date, and don’t take any kitten for sale under the age of 8 weeks old as it’s imperative for kittens to be with their mothers until this stage.

Key to finding and keeping a healthy cat is visiting the kittens in the environment where they have been bred; where you can also see the mother and check that she is healthy.

Arrive armed with a list of questions to ask the breeder or rescue centre to get as much history as possible and parental information on your chosen cat.

You’ll want to know who bred the cat? Always meet the breeder and see where the kitten has been reared.

Cats for Sale in Scotland Kittens for Sale in Scotland

Is the litter healthy? Have the kittens been heath checked by a vet, have they been vaccinated or treated for anything? A healthy kitten should have bright eyes, be sociable and alert.

Has the kittens / mother been wormed and vaccinated? If the mother hasn’t the kittens could be more prone to health problems. Kittens are often born with worms, so it’s wise to have them treated too. Ask the breeder for details.

Where have the kittens been kept? Many breeders will keep kittens in a kitchen environment to increase their confidence.

Have they been socialised / handled by many people? This is important as kittens who have lots of human contact when they’re young make confident adult cats who feel safe around people.

Are the kittens microchipped? This is important but it’s also something you can do yourself.

Now you’ve committed to getting a cat for sale or rescue in Scotland on PetsYouLove, preparation is key. You need to kitten-proof your home!

Cats are territorial, so it’s wise to prepare a small room that the cat can call his own. Prepare a small room (a bathroom or utility room would work) that you can furnish with cat amenities, including food and water and a litter box and maybe a toy or two. Make sure there’s enough room in there so that you can sit with your cat, so he can get used to you.

Set up a feeding station with food and water and keep it away from the litter tray as the cat will not want food near his toileting area.

Cats love small spaces, so if you picked the cat up in a cat carrier, place this in the room as he will love a hidey-hole in his own area. Or you can make one from a cardboard box.

Cats also need to wear their claws down and they need to scratch to do this. You can fashion a scratching board by laying corrugated cardboard on the ground or buy a scratching post which will allow the cat to stretch his claws and scratch on. Sprinkle some cat nip on the post or put a toy at the top and the cat will soon make this his best friend – a much better scratch resource than your good furniture!

Look out for areas in your home where cats could climb; on top o kitchen units, etc. And make sure you remove any items of value that the cat could knock off if he does decide to climb up there.

Also be aware of any small enclosures that small kittens could get into and close them up. No one needs the fire brigade ripping their floorboards up to find a kitten!

Going to pick your cat up is an exciting part in the process of owning an animal, so investing in a cat carrier is a good idea. Once you have your cat in the carrier it will feel safe as moving to a new environment if a big upheaval for a kitten.

Once home, take the kitten to its specially prepared room and give him time to adjust. Sit on the floor with the kitten and let him come to you, never force the animal as he may take fear and stick to his cat carrier ‘hidey hole’ whenever you are around. Likewise, introduce new people to the cat in the same way, slowly and in the cat’s environment.

Your little cat may not eat much at all when it first comes home and it’s best to give him the same food he had while staying with the breeder.

Within a week of adoption take your new addition to the vet for a check-up and introduction and take along any immunization documents that you’ve been given with the breeder.

After a couple of weeks, you will be able to allow the cat to explore new rooms in the home one room at a time, but continue with the gentle approach and remind members of the family not to startle him.

Good luck with finding your perfect cat in Scotland with PetsYouLove!

PetsYouLove is the perfect place to find cats for sale in Scotland, read more ....
Cats & Kittens for Sale in Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh
PetsYouLove is the perfect place to find cats for sale in Scotland, read more ....
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