GCCF Reg, Blue Stud, Blood B, PKD Neg, Proven


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For Stud by Debbie Daisykain@hotmail.com

Key facts

Pet type  : Cats
Pet breed  : British Shorthair(Breed Info)
Advert Type  : For Stud
Advertiser Type  : Standard
Pets Age  : 2 years, 8 months
Microchipped  : Yes
Has the Pet been Neutered?  : No
Vaccinations Up-to-Date  : Yes
KC Registered  : Yes

Full details

Harry (Prince Harry) IS AVAILABLE AT STUD

He is GCCF Registered Active & TICA Registered Active
Harry has a Fantastic Temperament,
He is a very large Loving boy with the best AMBER/ORANGE Eyes.
He is a Gentle Cobby boy,
He carries Colourpoint, He does NOT carry Lilac or Longhair.
EXPERIENCED Boy PROVEN Many times with big Chunky Quality kittens,
He is & his Parents are PKD NORMAL & Blood Group B,
He has a Certificate of entirety Logged with the GCCF,
Harry has been to a few GCCF Show he has done well,
he has an Excellent Pedigree (29 Title winning cats)

FULLY VACCINATED for leukaemia, Chlamydia Flu & Enteritis,
FeLV / FIV (Leukaemia & immunodeficiency) Snap Tested* NEGATIVE
P.K.D (Polycystic Kidney Disease)
BLOOD GROUP B (Suitable to mate with queens of any Blood type)
VET CHECKED every 6 months,
Treated with ADVCATE every 4 weeks
VACCINATED every 12 months,
WORMED every 6 months
All paper work & Certificates can be supplied to Prove all this.

We do except other breed queens, British Shorthair & longhaired variant, Persian longhair & Exotic shorthair, Selkirk rex shorthair & longhaired, Scottish fold & Straight shorthair & Highlands, There may be other breeds we may consider, Indoor non active & unregistered queens also welcomed, please enquire for more details, All Queens must be Healthy. I recommend the best time to bring you queen is when she has been calling for 1 or 2 nights, Please CLIP your queens nails before you bring her & bring a familiar blanket to help her settle in & up to 5 days supply of the food she is used to so she don't get a tummy upset. She will stay 3 to 5 days, 1st mating will be supervised, You must have your Queen SNAP TESTED within 48 hours of bring her to our stud and bring a copy of the results with you and make sure she is in FULL CALL as stud fee is strictly non-refundable, You will receive a copy of our studs 5 generations pedigree & a Mating certificate (if needed) when you collect your queen, If mattings are unsuccessful (it is very unlikely) a Free mating of 3 days will be offered to the same queen within 8 Weeks from the first mating.


Stud fee is to be paid when you bring your queen
- in cash only please, All mattings are done at my premises.

We also have a Proven GCCF Active Lilac British Available at stud enquired welcomed.

Stud Bookings & Kitten Enquires are Welcomed,
We are located in Telford, Shropshire
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