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The British Short Hair is the pedigree version of the British domestic cat. He’s a placid, companionable family cat. If the truth be told, he’s a bit like a dog in that he will follow you around!

Being the most popular pedigree cat on the planet, The British Short Haired Cat is quite possibly your neighbour’s cat or the cat you grew up with – and while he’s distinctively British, being rather reserved on meeting strangers, he is quite an affectionate little guy once he gets to know you.

The British Short Haired Cat is chunky in just about every way with a rounded body, broad round face, large rounded paws and even a rounded tip on his tail, however, he shouldn’t be fat.

At one time, he was known as the British Blue because he only came in one colour. Now the British Short Haired Cat comes in a variety of different colours and pattern –possibly in any combination you can think of!

The British Short Haired Cat can in fact boast a coat including anything from a solid colour, from fawn, white, cream, blue, black, lilac, chocolate to cinnamon and red to a colour-pointed coats with Siamese blue eyes! He can even have a black or silver tipped coat with green eyes or be Tortoiseshell, white or bi-coloured, or even boast a Tabby patterned coat including, Ticked, Classic, Mackerel and Spotted variations!

The British Long Haired Cat is the same as the Short Haired version except – you guessed it – he has long hair!

British Short Haired Cat for Sale British Shorthair Cat for Sale


If you’re looking for a British Short Haired kitten for sale in Scotland, then you’re probably familiar with him already. As we’ve mentioned before, he’s one of the most common pedigree cats you will see around your neighbourhood with his plush coat and chubby cheeks! He’s a dignified little fellow; intelligent and affectionate and he’s pretty laid-back and will happily sit by your side while you watch TV!

The British Short Haired Cat has been known to get along with dogs when brought up with them in his early days and he’s good with children, but he will not tolerate any harsh play and as with all animals, children should be taught gentle handling measures and to respect the cat’s boundaries. (Prob best not to play with him when he’s eating his food, etc.)

Many people keep the British Short Haired Cat indoors to keep him safe from traffic and disease spread from other cats.

He’s a loveable little guy and will form a strong bond in any home where his owners love him!

Description of the British Short Haired Cat

Rather a square-looking cat, the British Short Hair is stocky in build with his full-chest, broad shoulders and round face. He’s a medium to large-sized cat. Facially, he’s a bit like a teddy-bear; he has high cheekbones and with his short nose, round eyes and small rounded ears, appears to have a happy, smiling expression. He has short, strong legs and a soft, plush coat – and all of this combines to make him the most popular pedigree cat in Britain!

The British Short Haired Cat only came to be an accepted breed in 1870, however, the breed declined in number during World Wars 1 and 2 and it was only thanks to the love and dedication of British Short Haired Cat enthusiasts that the breed was saved from extinction.

This was done by adding other breeds into the mix including Persians, Russian Blues and Burmese as well as other non-pedigree cats. Since then the breed has flourished.


If you’re looking for a British Short Haired Cat for sale in Scotland, it’s worth doing some research into breeders before buying one. British Short Haired Cats live a long time with many clocking up between 14 and 20 years old. This is a long-term commitment for any home, but he will make a loving companion.


If you’re looking for a British Short Haired Cat for sale in Scotland, then you should know that he’s a laid-back cat and could easily turn into a couch potato! He loves to nap during the day. That said, he also likes to be interactive and loves to play games. Owners who keep their cats as indoor pets need to give them plenty to do or he could become overweight.

Owners should be prepared to play fishing rod games and games with wool or feathers!

The British Short Haired Cat also loves to snuggle up and will need lots of little areas to nap as he fancies throughout the day!


The British Short Haired Cat has a short, plush coat, which means grooming him is low-maintenance. A weekly brush would do to keep his coat smooth and glossy. He will shed more in Spring and Autumn months when owners may need to brush him more regularly. Owners of a British Short Haired Cat will also need to clean his ears on a regular basis so that wax doesn’t build up and cause infection.


A mature British Short Haired Cat should be fed small meals several times per day. Treats should make up no more than 20% of a cat’s diet and drinking water should always be available. Owners should monitor their cat’s weight as he matures and be careful not to overfeed as these guys can easily become just a bit too lazy, which isn’t good for their health in the long-term.

Cost of Keeping a British Short Haired Cat

If you’re looking for a British Short Haired Cat for sale in Scotland, you should expect to pay in the region of £150 to £500 for a well-bred kitten. It’s always a good idea to visit the breeder in the kitten’s place of birth with its mother before buying.

To keep a loveable British Short Haired Cat in your life will cost an average of £30 to £40 per month. This includes grooming, feeding, spaying/neutering and vaccination costs and insurance.

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